What is the most important life lesson your learned?

Here is Marcos, founder of 4Hunks.

When I founded 4Hunks I dreamed of a brand that would make a difference in others people's life. A brand to support people overcoming obstacles in their lives.

Founding 4Hunks and doing my best to make a difference in other people's lives with my designs. I believed if I could improve their lives and show them, they could become more than they are. And they might help me make other people believe it the same way.

When you come out as gay, there is no guide to teach you to understand yourself. We learn everything on the go. But isn't it time to break the circle and start documenting everything? So others don't need to go through the same struggles.

When I started building 4Hunks, I was unsure of many things. I had many questions on my mind. I often asked myself if these issues I had were worth sharing and if they were relevant to other people.
After a while, I learned it is impossible to predict how your experiences will benefit someone's life.

My vision is to create a free guide for the upcoming gay generation. That can support many, overcoming obstacles and achieving their dreams.
If we could become who we are today, overcoming many struggles. Could you imagine how far others can go and what difference they can make by reading about our experiences?

I know it is hard to believe how we feel matters to others. I can honestly tell you that sometimes I doubt myself. I often ask myself what I am doing now and how I feel. It does actually matters to someone.
Surprisingly, when I write a newsletter about it. I get feedback from guys telling me they feel the same. And this feedback changes everything.

Share your story. Don't expect anything in return. Believe it matters to someone. Life rewards you in mysterious ways!

How does it work?

Tell others, what is the most important lesson you have learned in your life being gay? So they can learn from your experiences.

What was the challenge?
How did you overcome it?
What did you learn from it?

You can write in any language you want.
It will be a free guide to help others overcome the same challenges you had. It will be a support guide to be shared online, in shops, at gay pride, and in any place, you can suggest. It is time for us to unite and care for each other.

Send suggestions or feedback you want.

I am looking forward to reading your story and receiving your suggestions!




You can share your story in the link below 👇!