Why Grey and not black?

Why is the Anon Bulge King Singlet Grey?

Some guys expect this singlet to be black. But there are a few reasons why we chose the grey color.

Why not black?

The black color is known to make you look slim.

We believe a basic singlet should shape your body, making your waist looks slim and boosting the shape of your chest, shoulders, and legs.

The black color will do that.

But what about your bulge?

The black color will also make your bulge looks smaller. Do you want that?

Why grey?

The grey color gives you all the benefits of the black color. It makes your waist looks slim and contrasts with your skin boosting the shape of your chest, back, shoulders, and legs.

But it also boosts your bulge and butt curves.

The Concept :

We have a busy life. Sometimes after a long day, we wish to look and feel great without spending too much time choosing something to wear.

We designed this singlet to fit all your life situations and save you the frustration of spending hours trying to find the perfect outfit.

Anytime you don't know what to wear, this is the solution to have a great time. 

The cut and shape make you feel awesome looking at yourself in the mirror.

The fabric shapes your body and enhances your best features.

The sheerness is the main eye-catching feature of this singlet!


Did you expect a basic singlet to have soo many features?


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