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Teaser Hunk 2.0 Extra Exposure

Teaser Hunk 2.0 Extra Exposure

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Are you ready to take your teasing game to the next level? Look no further than The Teaser Hunk New Generation Extra Exposure! We've stolen the front access from those Dirty Cyclist singlets and added it to our jammer for maximum fun. With silk touch spandex for your bulge and teasing mesh for the ultimate seduction, this jammer has it all - including front access for those intimate moments. 😉

But that's not all - the Extra Exposure version comes in white for even sheerer on your bulge. Perfect for those steamy showers or baths, this jammer will have you looking 🔥 when wet. Plus, we've shaped the back to give you a bubble butt that will leave them drooling.

And let's not forget about the mesh on the front - it's just sheer enough to keep things interesting, just like the doctor ordered. So whether you're in the mood for bulging, teasing, or front access fun, The Teaser Hunk New Generation Extra Exposure has got you covered. Get ready to make some waves (and some guys drip 💦) with this versatile jammer!

85% Polyamide 15% Elastane


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